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Good morning and happy Monday friends!  Today’s post is going to cover some of my current favorite podcasts- I listen on my hour long commute every day, while I get ready in the morning, paint my nails, or make dinner.  Podcasts are something I’m just recently getting in to- I love music but my Pandora stations are a little stale and I’m so over the radio.  I’ve hit my threshold for Despacito and Slow Hands- gotta take a break for a few years.  I use the iPhone Podcast app to download mine, but there are other free avenues to stream/download them including Google Play Music and Spotify.  One word of advice: download the podcasts using wifi so you don’t waste data streaming them.  Happy listening!


| Dirty John |

If you watched and enjoyed the Netflix docuseries, Making a Murderer, you will love this.  Its currently ranked #1 on Apple’s top charts- and for a good reason.  Without giving too much away, I will tell you it covers a true story about love and deception.  There are only 6 episodes form start to finish, each ranging from 35-55 minutes long.  You will be hooked after the first one- I promise!

| Serial |

There are SO many to choose from but I am currently listening to Season 1 Episodes 1-12 (and updates 1-3).  The host delves into a murder trial from 1999- a well-rounded high school boy is convicted for murder of his ex girlfriend, but swears he’s innocent and may have been unfairly represented by his now deceased lawyer.  This is another one you will enjoy if you liked Making a Murderer.

| From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl |

I have followed Yoga Girl on Instagram for a few years now.  She has a fresh perspective on life and is known for being authentic and unfiltered.  She eloquently shares stories about life’s highs and lows and extracts lessons from her experiences.  She just recently started a podcast and uploads new episodes every Friday, which I look froward to.  You do not have to like, practice, or know anything about yoga to enjoy these.

| This American Life |

This is a weekly public radio show with over 2.2 million listeners.  It’s hard to write an umbrella description for this one because the episodes cover a broad range of topics.  Check it out!  There are so many to choose from based on your interests.  My favorite episode so far is #597: One Last Thing Before I Go.  Have your tissues in hand for this episode- it’s so moving.

| Waking Up with Sam Harris |

Sam Harris is an incredibly intelligent neuroscientist, philosopher, and author.  He covers current affairs, societal trends, controversial topics, and the essence of human experience.  To be honest, some of the stuff he covers can be a bit over my head, but it challenges me to focus and use my brain!

| Listen Money Matters |

Does anyone else think there should be a class in high school called Adulting:101?  This podcast covers everything you need to know about money- how to use it, how to save it, and how to invest it. I could rattle off the diagnostic criteria for every diagnosis in the DSM-5 (jk I totally couldn’t), but what the hell is the difference between a Betterment, Vanguard, and Roth IRA?  I think it’s important to make informed decisions about how you handle your money, and the best time to learn is now!


If you guys have any recommendations for me, please let me know! I am always looking for new ones to listen to.  Hope you all have a productive week! xx


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