July Favorites

Happy Monday beauties!  I hope you’re having a more productive day than I am- this post is all I’ve managed to do so far but it’s not to late to get moving 😉  How is it already August this week?!  In light of July ending and it being Monday, I will be sharing a few of my favorites from the month.  You guys know the drill by now- I hyperlink the numbers below the photo collage and each title above the product descriptions.  


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1 | Yeti Tumbler

I have had my eyes on this Tumbler for almost a year now and I recently made the purchase.  I am SO glad I did- the quality of this product is unparalleled and it is so easy to clean.  I also have a Swell bottle (which I too loved) but it was harder to keep clean and got a funky musty smell after a few months of use.  The 30 oz. Yeti allows you to to hold plenty of liquid, actually see whats inside because of the large opening and clear lid, comes in a ton of colors, and does exactly what its supposed to do- it keeps your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold for a LONG time.  I like that I can fit ice cubes in without any problem, which is one of the disadvantages of the Swell bottle.  The Yeti lid is magnetic too so you can access every part of the bottle to make sure its clean.

2 | LilyAna Retinol Cream

I have recently begun investing more time and research into proper skin care- Lord knows I want to look 25 forever.  I now use sunscreen every morning in my CC cream, and I have gone from someone who used to bake in the sun with tanning oil (just typing that makes my stomach turn), to someone who opts to sit under an umbrella and reapply 30-50 SPF liberally.  I was the only one in my group of friends who didn’t burn at all on our trip to the Dominican in May.  That being said, I have started using more anti-aging products in my daily skincare routine and this Retinol cream has surpassed my expectations.  Its VERY affordable on Amazon and after using it for over two weeks, have noticed a significant difference in my skin’s tone and texture.  I have a more even skin tone and my face has never felt softer.  I would love to be able to go sans concealer with my improved complexion but I still have significant dark circles under my eyes (thank you genetics)- so if anyone has any recommendations for that, send them my way!

3 | Set of Five Flameless Candles 

I shared these a few posts back in my apartment tour blog post but I need to give them the attention they deserve.  These candles have a waxy surface, making them not only look real but feel like a normal candle, they are ALL operated with a remote so you don’t have to manually turn them on and off every time you use them, and best of all, they are are just under $17!  You just can’t beat that price when a one single flameless candle from your standard home decor shops like Pottery Barn would cost $50.  I would recommend these over and over again.  Just make sure you have or purchase AA batteries since they are not included 🙂

4 | Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil

If you know me, you know I sweat.  It’s just the way I am and there’s only so much I can do to control it.  This Summer has put me to my limits with this ridiculously hot and humid weather.  One thing I ALWAYS have in my purse is peppermint essential oil.  It’s the first oil I ever fell in love with because of its cooling properties that have helped tremendously with tension headaches and my constant state of being hot.  I only trust Young Living because I am assured of its quality and purity- to learn more, check out my blog post on essential oils here.  I put a dab of the peppermint oil in my fingers then rub it on the back of my neck, temples, and behind my ears.  It provides cooling relief within a minute or less.  For some people, this cooling sensation may be too intense so if this is the case for you, I would recommend mixing a drop of essential oil with a drop of carrier oil like fractionated coconut or olive.  Peppermint essential oil has been in my bag of tricks for over two years now and I truly don’t think I would survive Summer without it!

5 | Leather Zara Slides 

These shoes are easily my favorite closet addition I’ve purchased this Summer.  They are quite affordable being that they’re genuine leather, they look way more expensive than they are and are a great dupe for the $600 YSL slide.  The brown leather ensures that they look good with just about everything and they are very comfortable!  I have a wide foot and they have definitely stretched a bit to form to my wider foot, making them super easy to walk in but I think they would work really well for someone with a normal or narrower foot.  I sized up a half size from my usual 7.5 to an 8.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Be sure to let me know if you purchase any of these for yourself and what your thoughts are.  You guys know I only ever promote items that I use myself and truly believe in- I am not earning a commission on these- yet- but never say never 😉  Cheers! xx

– Leah

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June Favorites

HAPPY Monday beauties!

How crazy is it that we’re already nearing the end of June?   Does anyone else feel like the warm weather months fly by in the blink of an eye?  I spent this past weekend enjoying a super low- key 25th birthday with Mark, exploring a few restaurants in our new ‘hood.  We ate Thai on Friday at the cutest place called THEP, then enjoyed a lazy Saturday afternoon followed by Sangria and tapas at Boqueria.   If you find yourself in the Upper East Side, I would highly recommend both!

To round out the month of June and welcome July, I want to share a few of my recent favorites with you.  You know the drill- the numbers below the photo collage and the titles above each product description are all shoppable links.  I own and genuinely adore each of these items and hope you will too! 


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1| Capri Blue Volcano Candle

If you don’t know, now you know.  This candle, oh the love I have for this candle!  It’s Anthropologie’s signature scent- it smells like Summer and happiness and pretty much everything good in the world.  The site’s description hints at the magic that lives inside this beautiful jar- “tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens.”  That’s more like it.  It burns beautifully, comes in all kinds of jar sizes and design options, and the jar doesn’t get hot so I don’t have to worry about it leaving a mark on our wood coffee table.  Each time I open the door to our apartment, I’m greeted with a scent that makes me smile.

2 | Acure Clarifying Shampoo

Prior to adding this clarifying shampoo to my regular hair care routine, I was having an issue with excess oiliness.  Immediately after a fresh wash and styling, my hair was looking oily at the roots which is incredibly frustrating.  After two washes with this product, my problem was solved.  I was always afraid of clarifying shampoos because I thought my hair was too dry for them, but they are such an important component in a balanced hair care regimen.  Using this helped rid my scalp of excess product buildup, which is what was causing the oiliness.  Not to mention, it smells divine,  is super affordable, and it’s free of all the crap we should stay away from like parabens and sulfates.

3 | Young Living Rose Ointment

This is the product that opened my eyes, my heart, and my wallet to this fantastic brand.  The Rose Ointment is like a magic balm.  It is safe to use just about anywhere- cuts, scrapes, dry skin, lips, blemishes, feet, hands- you name it!  It has cleared up multiple problem areas on my face which I swear were the residual effects of a long, cold, and dry Winter.  If you are a Young Living member and haven’t tried this, add it to you ER order right away!  If you aren’t a member, no worries- you can purchase it at the wholesale price.  A Young Living blog post is in the works- I will explain what I have learned so far and how I incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils into my daily life.

4 | Aerie Raw Hem Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is light, cozy, and flattering with an oversized fit.  I have it in the light heather gray color in a size small.  If you like the oversized look, get your usual size but if you like a more fitted sweatshirt, I would suggest ordering one size down.  This is perfect for those chilly, breezy Summer nights and looks adorable with just about anything you pair it with.  It is currently 50% off and is fully stocked in six colors!

5 | Travel Steamer

Okay I’ll say it- I definitely saved the best for last in this post.  OMG it’s good you guys.  I purchased it from Amazon for the sole purpose of bringing it on vacation with us.  I had never used a steamer in my life- and I was skeptical that one this size (just shy of 8.5 inches) would actually do much.  So we put it to work on the some of toughest garments to tackle- Mark’s balled up button-downs obviously packed with meticulous care.  The look on both of our faces when it effortlessly transformed deep set wrinkles into a perfectly crisp, smooth shirt- I swear I could have outsold some of the best sales women on QVC.

It works like freaking magic and it could not be easier.  A few things to keep in mind, it is very hot (obviously) and steam rises- so be careful of hand placement.  Do not fill past the “max” line, and avoid tilting the steamer forward or some water might spill out.  We have found the best way to steam something is to put it on a hanger and place it on the closet or shower door so it’s not far from eye level.  Mark uses this every morning to steam his work shirts since they are hanging in a rather tightly packed closet 😉  And yes, this travel steamer totally deserved two paragraphs.


Well, that’s all for now folks.  Happy Summer- I hope its filled with adventure, grilled food, ice cream, smiles, laughter, bike rides, swimming, corn on the cob, and open sunroof drives.  Stay tuned for a blog post on Young Living Essential Oils and please let me know if you have any questions in the mean time!  

Cheers friends, xx


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April Favorites

Happy Monday beauties!

My apologies for missing the March favorites post- life has been crazy lately!  All good and exciting things though!  I am looking forward to the approaching warm weather and want to look and feel my best after a long Winter.  Today I am sharing a few of the products that make me feel fabulous and my hope is that they do the same for you!  As always, the numbers at the bottom of the photo collage are shoppable links, as well as the titles of each product with descriptions.  


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1 | Tory burch tote

I just received this in the mail yesterday as a shipment from the Shopbop sale so I was able to score it for 20% off!  I got it in the color ivory, which I love and know it will match everything I own.  However, it is sold in 4 other colors if ivory is not your thing.  It’s beautiful in person and completely waterproof- aka durable and easy to clean for every day use and/or travel.  I look forward to using it all Summer as my main bag and know from previous experience that Tory Burch makes good quality, durable handbags- I used my last one for the past 3 years!  This bag is currently sold at Bloomingdales which is hosting a sale for loyalists! Use code PRIVATE to get $25 off of every $100 you spend!

2| Coola tanning face serum

I picked this up during the Ulta 20% off sale after one of my favorite bloggers, Courtney Shields of BYOB recommended it.  This face serum goes on super light, and doesn’t break me out or clog my pores.  I put it on every 2-3 days and it creates a super natural, gradual tan.  It fades evenly and is created with 70% organic ingredients.  Although you can mix it with a moisturizer, I apply about 2 pumps worth of product on my skin at night before bed or in the morning before my makeup, depending on when I remember to do it 😉 I am obsessed!  Just make sure to wash your hands after application.

3 | Becca highlighter 

This highlighter is fantastic.  I also picked this up during the Ulta sale in the color champagne pop.  It adds the perfect, luminous glow that I apply to my cheekbones, down the bridge of by nose, in my cupid’s bow (that little divot above your lip), and under my eyebrows with a fan brush like this.  Although a bit of an investment for just a highlighter at $38, this should last me a LONG time since a little goes a long way- it is very pigmented.

4 | Botanics rose hip oil

My skin, for whatever reason, has maintained its Winter level of dryness and hasn’t quite bounced back yet from the cold temperatures we endured all Winter/ pretend Spring.  As I shared in my Winter skincare essentials post, I absolutely love the Senegence Nangai facial oil.  However, I am still in a position with very limited income as I finish up my degree and get my license to practice Occupational Therapy, so I was looking for a less expensive alternative.  This Botanics facial oil fully lived up to my expectations and at only $17.99- it is incredibly hydrating, smells fantastic, and is 100% organic with ALL natural ingredients.  That’s what I’m talking about.

5 | Banana Republic sneakers

I have been on the market for a pair of plain, white sneakers to wear with cut offs, dresses and jean skirts as it gets warmer, and these are perfect.  I sized down a 1/2 size to a 7 from my usual size 7.5 and they fit nicely.  I love the minimalism of this style sneaker and the pop of gold on the back.  My word of advice- they are too pricey at full price.  Wait until they go back on sale! I got them 50% off during a sale recently, which Banana Republic runs often.  They are still stocked in almost every size!


Cheers to the warm weather, sunshine, and feeling fabulous!  xx




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February Favorites

Hi beauties!  Talk about last minute but here is my (short and sweet) monthly favorites post.  February snuck away from me in the blink of an eye!  I am thrilled to enter the month of March as it is the final month of my last fieldwork rotation.  What are you looking forward to in March?


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1 | “The Power Jean” from Old Navy 

These jeans are incredibly affordable- on sale right now for $25!!  They are the perfect light wash, very comfortable, and have the most flattering cut- mid rise with an ankle length.  They do run a bit small as compared to my typical size (26 or size 4), however I don’t own too many pairs of Old Navy jeans so they may run true to size for the store.  I ordered a 2 petite because I wanted them to be a true ankle length, and they are perfect.

2 | Senegence Nangai Oil 

I have been using this oil for over month now and it’s safe to stay its an absolute staple in my daily beauty/skincare routine.  Nangai is a nut that is rich in triglycerides, indigenous to the island of Vanuatu.  This facial oil is SO hydrating, smells fantastic, and doesn’t clog my pores (I am prone to break outs and I haven’t had any issues with this).  I have seen it used for eczema and other related skin conditions and the before and after pictures are amazing.  I use this 2x daily- once in the morning mixed in with my foundation and once at night underneath my moisturizer after I wash my face.  It keeps my skin soft and hydrated all day.

3 | YSL Mon Paris Eau de Parfum 

I received a sample of this with a recent Nordstrom order and I am in love with the scent.  It smells sweet and feminine, with notes of red berries, pear, and white datura flower- I don’t want my sample to run out but when it does I may have to pick up a bottle.  Next time you’re at Sephora browsing the perfume section, pick this one up for a sniff.

4 | Chobani “Hint of Flavor” Greek Yogurt

This is a fairly new one for me but I am confident in recommending it to you if you like Greek yogurt!  The cherry flavor is my favorite but I also love the Mango- I haven’t had a chance to try the other 3 flavors which are blueberry, vanilla/cinnamon, and strawberry.  I have eaten it for breakfast on the go (the only way I know) every morning this week with a handful of granola.  It’s delicious, filling, and doesn’t taste too sweet or artificially flavored.

5 | Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

I typically only recommend products that I have tried or used for a full month (at minimum), but the effects of incorporating this into my daily routine have been made evident to me already.  It is collagen in powder form, which aids in healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints.  I add one scoop every morning to my cup of coffee and it is completely tasteless! Within my first 10 days of use, my nails have transformed.  I almost always have nail polish on but I have been keeping them bare to see the changes- they are stronger, the ridges appear to be filling in, and they are SO shiny.  It looks like I have a clear coat of nail polish on.  I am just starting to notice some subtle changes in my skin- smoother texture, more even skin tone, and fewer blemishes.  More on this soon- I plan on writing a blog post to review after more time using this product!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and the products I shared- I would love to hear if any of you have or use these 🙂 Cheers to the start of a new month and the start of Spring! xx

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January Favorites

H A P P Y   m o n d a y

January has been a month of reflection, goal-setting, and healthy habit forming.  I have had the opportunity to trial some new products throughout December and January and I am SO excited to share my favorites with you guys!  This month’s lineup happens to be a little heavy on the beauty products- likely because the Winter “uglies” are in full force.  My skin is dry and pale, and I need all the help I can get in terms of skin care and makeup.  Anyone else?!  


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

 1 | Laura Geller Cover Lock Cream Foundation

This is the best foundation I have ever tried.  The beauty tech at Ulta recommended it and I am so thankful she did.  It provides full coverage, but doesn’t feel heavy at all.  I put it on over my moisturizer and blend it with this applicator sponge.  It goes on so smoothly, lasts all day, and doesn’t clog my pores.   I use the shade fair which has warmer undertones and isn’t too ivory.  This stuff is good guys.

 2 | Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal has allowed me to identify more reasons to be grateful, challenges me to set daily intentions, and reflect on the ways in which I can take action to facilitate positive change in my own life.  How it works: Each morning when you wake up and each night before bed, you take 5 minutes or less to fill in the journal prompts.  I have been journaling for almost two weeks and I can clearly see the positive impact this daily habit has been having on my life.  Bad days are made better with a shift in perspective, and I feel genuinely happier as I am consistently prompted to identify reasons for which to be grateful.  I HIGHLY recommend this product!

3 | Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

This concealer is full-coverage, comes in a variety of shades, and is a good value as a little goes a long way.  The applicator wand makes for easy application.  I usually apply a few strokes under each eye and over any blemishes.  For an extra highlight I will add some between my eyebrows and on my chin.  I use that same blender sponge to apply it over my foundation- make sure the sponge is damp for a flawless application.  This is truly the best concealer I have ever tried.  The creasing throughout the day is very minimal (I have yet to find one that doesn’t crease at all), and it lasts all. day. long.

4 | Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring

I LOVE this hair tie.  It doesn’t leave a crease in your hair, causes less breakage, and comes in a variety of colors.  Because I no longer have that dreaded crease when I take my pony tail out, this hair tie has contributed to a significant decrease in the frequency that I use a straightener on my hair- I’m all for less heating tools.  Perfect for you ladies who sneak in your morning workout before work but only have the time to body shower and dry shampoo. No crease= less heat and less time getting ready.

 5 | Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

I have chronic under eye circles, regardless of the number of hours slept or cups of coffee consumed.  I use this product as a primer under my regular concealer and notice a significant difference in the appearance of my under eye circles.  I also notice that it contributes to less creasing throughout the day and overall gives me a bright, awake complexion.  On lighter makeup days or if I am pressed for time, this works perfect alone as an under eye concealer.

 6 | Socialite Off the Shoulder Sweater Dress

This dress is affordable, classy, flattering, and INSANELY comfortable.  I was initially drawn to it because of the classic mid length, long-sleeve, off the shoulder style but as soon as I felt the material, I couldn’t leave Nordstrom without it.  I wore it to a NYE party and paired it with a pair of black patent pointed-toe pumps for a classic look.  Not only did I feel fabulous, but I was so cozy all night.  At $49 with free shipping, this dress is a no brainer!  Although this dress runs true to size, I chose to size up to a medium from my usual size small because I wanted it to be a tad less fitted.

7 | Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

This is an acne spot treatment that dries up pesky blemishes.  You put it on at night before bed then wash it off in the morning.  Every time I use it, I notice a significant decrease in the size and redness of the blemish when I wake up the next morning.  The secret is in the application of this- DO NOT shake the bottle.  Dip a Q-tip until it reaches the bottom, where the pink sediment is settled.  You want a clay-like texture, and by shaking the bottle, you are diluting the product’s active ingredients.   I love how fast acting this product is- its a life saver on the night before a big presentation or hot date 😉


I hope you enjoy these products as much as I truly do.  Cheers to the start of February and the slowly approaching Spring weather! xx



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December Favorites


 How is Christmas only one week from today?!  The months are flying by.  Since I will be celebrating the holiday with my family next Monday, I will not be posting until later in the week  but I wanted to make sure I posted my monthly favorites!  A few of these items will be familiar to you as I posted them in my gift guides, but I had to share a few items that I absolutely love and think you will too 🙂


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1 | Hearth & Hand Teakwood Currant Candle

I posted this in my Gift Guide For The Host/Hostess after picking it up myself at Target.  The smell is so festive, yet not overpowering.  It burns beautifully and love the way the red jar adds a touch of red for the holidays.  Another plus- it has a lid.  Am I the only one who doesn’t like the look of melted candle wax and a charred wick when it’s not burning?

2 | J. Crew Ribbed Beanie

When I posted my Gift Guide For Her Under $50, I bought a few goodies from the list for myself and this was one of them.  I am in love with this hat.  Its super soft and warm, it doesn’t ruin your hair when you take it off, and it looks cute with everything I own.  The only color that isn’t backordered until January is the black, but I say buy the color you want and wait it out.  You will get use out of it for the rest of the winter and future winters to come!

3 | LipSense Moisturizing Lip Balm

This is a must have for cold weather.  It has completely prevented my lips from transforming into the painful, dry, cracked lips that usually emerge come December.  I put it on throughout the day and most importantly, before I go to sleep at night.  It is colorless and tasteless- perfect for your kids, your husbands, or yourself!  Give this a try one time and I promise you will be hooked.  The best part is- its entirely natural.  The ingredients are right on the tube- no harmful chemicals to hide.

4 | Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throw

This is the best blanket.  I picked it up two winters ago and it has been a staple for the colder months ever since.  There are multiple sizes and colors so you can choose what works best for your home.  I have the color “Caramel Ombre,” which is a bit darker but works great with the warmer neutral tones- ivory, tan, beige, or white.

5 | Tarte Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette 

This was another one from the Gift Guide For Her Under $50 that I had to purchase for myself.  This palette comes with 12 beautiful neutral colors that are highly pigmented and blendable.  Some are matte and some have a touch of sparkle.  If you had to choose only one palette, I would highly recommend it- so many options and the price is fair, considering the use you will get out of it.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.  I hope you all have a chance to spend time with the people you love! xx

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November Favorites

Good morning everyone!  I can’t believe it’s almost December- I am fully embracing all of the holiday feels and I hope you are too!  It’s such a cheerful and cozy time of year.  This week I am sharing my favorite products for the month of November- hope you enjoy! xoxo


1 | J. Crew Puffer Jacket

I have owned this jacket for two seasons now and every year during the colder months, I am so thankful I purchased it.  It’s a classic style and has a super flattering fit- hits mid thigh or right above the knee for shorter girls like me (I’m 5’3″), and a tie belt that cinches your waist in the midst of all if its puffy glory.  The gold buttons and zipper are super chic against the black- which hides a multitude of sins.  I used to buy white down coats and I would get so fed up with how dirty they got by the end of the season that I would buy a new one every year- crazy I know.

2 | It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

I can’t take the credit for the discovery of this amazing mascara.  One of my favorite bloggers, Courtney Shields, of Bring Your Own Beauty, has been raving about this mascara on her blog posts and Instagram stories.  Like me, she used to layer two mascaras to get the look she wanted but she said this mascara is so good, she uses it alone.  Naturally, I had to try it.  I am so glad I did- it’s super lengthening and gives volume without the clumps.  The brush helps you comb the perfect amount of product onto your lashes, making them look long and gorgeous.

3 | Beauty Counter Charcoal Face Mask 

I know I’m not the only one who loves a good face mask.  This one is definitely the best I have ever tried.  First and foremost, it’s from Beauty Counter, which is a brand that banned a long list of harmful chemicals commonly found in many household beauty products.  It gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m putting a safe product on my skin and inspires me to continue making more mindful and healthy choices.  This charcoal-based mask makes my skin feel smooth and exfoliated.  Charcoal is known to help draw out impurities, and when you put this mask on, you can actually see the process in real time.  I was hooked after one try so I ordered my own!

4 | Lexi and Abbie Over the Knee Boots

I picked up these boots at Lord and Taylor’s Veteran’s Day Sale and I’m so happy with my purchase. I wanted to try the over-the-knee boot trend without committing to a high end pair and these were perfect for what I needed.  They are more casual than a heeled version but dressy enough to wear to a more formal gathering.  I love that they have a tie in the back to make them more customizable to any shape leg, and they have a low profile black zipper on the inner ankle area of each boot.  They are super comfortable too!

5 | Naturalizer Dallas Bootie 

I can’t say enough about these boots.  I purchased them in black and brown during the same sale I got the over-the-knee boots because I knew they were keepers.  They are such a classic style and are  insanely comfortable-  They have a memory foam padding in the arch of the boot- making them my new favorite shoes to wear.  They elongate the legs and hit right above the ankle- perfect to tuck jeans or leggings into without having to roll them.


I would love to hear what you guys use and love to get you through the colder months in style!  Take advantage of some of the holiday sales and treat yourself or get a head start on Christmas shopping for the ones you love.  Hope your week is filled with kindness, festive lattes, and Christmas music. xx

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October Favorites

Happy Monday friends!  It’s Halloween eve- where in the world did October go because I feel like I blinked and it was over?  In other news, I want to try a monthly post covering my favorite products for that month- anything from beauty to clothing to household items.  I love your feedback so let me know if this interests you/ thoughts on my first post like this!  In no particular order, here are my October favorites:


 | Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish |

You guys this stuff is good.  One of the things I gave up when I started fieldwork (no income for more than six months) was my twice-a-month gel manicures.  I hate the look of chipped polish so regular nail polish is out of the question- I would have to paint my nails 2x/week- who has time for that?  The Essie Gel Couture polishes give you a durable gel-like shine without a UV light- all you need is the top coat.  It usually lasts me about 10 days, it dries quickly, and there are a ton of pretty shades to choose from. My current favorite color is “Fairy Tailor” which is a beautiful pale pinkish nude (think OPI’s Bubble Bath).  I will keep you posted when I find the right burgundy shade!

| Mercanti Fiorenti Loafers |

Best DSW find ever.  Nubuck suede loafers with a bow tie detail.  They look like TOD’s, but for a fifth of the price.  I have the color red and will likely be purchasing a second pair in brown leather.  They are super comfortable and run true to size.  Not to mention they are a family-run business in Tuscany, Italy- love that!

| Pumpkin Spice RXBAR |

I love RXBARs- very few simple, clean ingredients that you can pronounce with no added sugar and enough protein to get you through to the next meal.  If you haven’t tried them- you must!  Pumpkin Spice is definitely one of my favorite flavors, and it seems fitting to enjoy in the fall.  My other favorites are maple sea salt and coconut chocolate.

| Batiste Dry Shampoo |

I recently picked this up at Marshalls and fell. in. love.  I wash my hair every other day so I like to keep it fresh and clean on the off-days.  I have tried so many dry shampoos- from high end brands like Living Proof to wallet-friendly drugstore options.  This one takes the cake by a long shot and it’s super affordable at $7.99 from Ulta. Word of advice- look out for it at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx when you go. I was able to snag it for just under $5! I have the original scent which doesn’t smell like much but boy does it work!  So excited to share this one with you guys- I promise you will love it!

| Grey Joggers |

Guys- I can’t say enough about these pants.  They are only $16.99 from Target and they are by far the comfiest pants I have ever owned.  They are advertised as pajama pants but can definitely work as joggers and be dressed up with sneakers and a sweater to wear in public.  I literally live in them and would consider purchasing a second pair because I like them so much.

| Lipsense Starter Kit |

Lipsense comes in a variety of beautiful colors and lasts for a long time- I usually get a full work day out of it when I reapply the glossy gloss 2-3 times. A starter kit comes with one lip color of your choice, the glossy gloss (which is necessary to lock in the lip color), and an oops remover (helps you take it off at EOD and erase any goof-ups). I own the colors Pink Champagne and Bella.  They look great layered or alone and are the perfect shades for fall.  Pink champagne is my everyday go-to and I add Bella for a night out look.  I hyperlinked the Facebook group of the Lipsense distributor I use if you guys are interested in purchasing!  Kate is amazing and posts frequent how-to videos, runs promotions, ships purchased products directly to you, and has a customer satisfaction guarantee- if you are not happy with the product or color you choose, she will give you a full refund or replace it with a different color.  This is a must try for those of you who are tired of spending good money on lip products that wear off after your morning cup of coffee or your first cocktail out!


Just so you guys are aware, these recommendations are in no way sponsored- I just like to share good quality products that I have tried and loved.  Cheers to a productive week and a happy and safe Halloween!  xx

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