5 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money


Happy Monday beauties! 

In this week’s post, I am sharing a few simple, nearly effortless ways to make a few extra bucks.  Put aside the extra money you’ll earn and start a vacation fund, go out for a special date night, or treat yourself to something on your wish list.  The possibilities are endless!  FYI- all of the sites are hyperlinked on the headings and throughout each description.   


 | Mercari |

Those of you that have been following me on Instagram probably know I use and love Mercari– I have made 26 sales since starting, and have all positive reviews!  Just this past week I’ve sold two items that were collecting dust in my closet.  I use the Mercari app on my iPhone (although you can access it on any computer as well) to sell the clothing, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, and handbags that I no longer use.  You can post up to 4 photos of the item, describe its condition, then name your price, shipping method, and the shipping cost based on the estimated weight of the item (no need to purchase a scale).  When you sell an item, Mercari generates a prepaid shipping label that you can print and attach, hassle-free.

Mercari has a buyer-protection guarantee, which means that your funds aren’t released to you until the buyer rates you- they must do so within 72 hours of receiving the item or Mercari will release the funds (so you won’t be waiting too long if your buyer drops the ball).  You just have to ship the item within the agreed upon time frame and make sure it matches your description.  Document any of the item’s flaws in your description and photos.

Here are a few pieces of advice for success with selling on Mercari:

1 | List the item at a price slightly higher than you would be comfortable selling it for- a lot of people make lower offers and if you start a bit higher, you can either accept their price comfortably or make a counter offer for a bit more.

2 |Do your research- before deciding on the list price for your item, search the app for items similar to yours (brand, condition, etc.) and use it as a guide to price your item within a reasonable range.

3 | Post quality photos of your items- I just use my iPhone but ensure you have good lighting, a clean, uniform background (I usually use a white poster board), and post close up shots of any flaws so there are no surprises- your buyer should know what they are getting before it comes.

4 | Jot down a quick note to include in your package, reminding your buyers to rate you-  Mine usually reads, “Dear [insert buyer’s name here], I hope you love the [item name- shoes, bag, top, etc.].  Don’t forget to rate me when you receive your item!  -Leah”

5 | Make sure to waterproof package your item within its box.  Although this is not required by Mercari, I always place whatever I am selling in a gallon size plastic bag or larger, depending on how big it is.  You never know what elements your box is exposed to in transit, and if the item is damaged- that’s on you.

| Ebates |

If you guys aren’t using Ebates to do your online shopping, what in the world are you waiting for?!  It couldn’t possibly be easier- make an account, then all you have to do is find the website you want to shop on via the Ebates site.  Every site offers a different cash back percentage for completing the online purchases you were already planning on.  There are so many sites that offer cash back rewards through Ebates– Amazon, Target, J. Crew, Lowes, Bloomingdales, and Macy’s, to name a few.  These percentages change often, based on peak seasonal sales and other factors.  For example, Pro Flowers is offering 24% cash back as a Valentines Day double cash back deal.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it’s so real!  You can opt to have your check mailed to you or funds can be released to a Pay Pal account.  Pro tip- set the Ebates website as your homepage, so that every time you open the internet for some online shopping, you are reminded to start your journey on Ebates I am the biggest offender of forgetting this website exists and not utilizing it as often as I should.  The referral incentives are great too- if you refer someone else who spends $25 or more, you will earn $15 and that person will earn $10.  Here is my referral link: www.ebates.com/r/LEAHKE15

 | Ibotta |

Ibotta is a Smartphone app that allows you to earn cash back on qualifying purchases in a variety of major retailers.  Once you create an account, you search through lists of qualifying products at retailers like Target, CVS, Walmart, and Giant.  Once you find a product you’d like to purchase, you must redeem the offer by doing something as simple as watching a 13 second video.  Once you redeem the offer on the app, you go shopping, then take a photo of your receipt for proof of purchase.  Once this is confirmed, you earn cash back within 48 hours.

Here’s where I see this app working best:  If you are on the hunt for a general product, but don’t have a specific brand in mind, you can go through the qualifying products offered at the stores near you, and find what you need.  For example, if you know you need body wash or salad dressing, but don’t care what brand- check the redeemable products to see what’s available.  Another great use for this app- putting together care packages for military members on active duty or a homeless shelter.

 | DOSH |

DOSH is a smartphone app that automatically gives you cash back for purchases in store and online at qualifying retailers (restaurants, stores, and hotels) when you securely link your credit card.  It doesn’t get easier than this, guys.  You earn $5 when you link your first credit card and if you refer someone else, you earn $15 when they link a card.  This is another that seems to good to be true but friends, I’m here to tell you it’s the real deal.  Cash back for going about your daily life as you normally would- sign me up!  My referral link is https://link.dosh.cash/YCLI/VRI6poE9gK

 | Repurpose remaining balances on old Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express gift cards |

Someone gives you a Visa gift card for $50 and you make a purchase for $47.99- some people will just toss the card but you can actually purchase Amazon e-gift cards using those  gift cards with trace remaining balances.  Here’s how:

1 | First, find out the exact remaining balance on your gift card (you can usually check this by calling the phone number on the back).

2 | Log into your account on amazon.com then click on the tab says “Hello, [your name], Accounts & Lists.”

3 | Click “Payment Options: Edit or add payment methods.”

4 | Add your gift card info as a new payment method, as you would any credit card.

5 | Click on the “Gift Cards” tab on the top navigation bar > then “eGift”

6 | Under the second step to purchase your gift card where it says “Gift card details,” there is an option to enter your own amount.

7 | Enter the exact amount for the remaining gift card balance, then make sure to purchase the gift card using the correct payment method.

8 | Next time you make an Amazon purchase, you can apply multiple gift cards at a time.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you you have the opportunity to make a few extra bucks with these tips.  If you do, please share!  Have a beautiful week my friends <3 xx



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