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HAPPY Monday beauties!

How crazy is it that we’re already nearing the end of June?   Does anyone else feel like the warm weather months fly by in the blink of an eye?  I spent this past weekend enjoying a super low- key 25th birthday with Mark, exploring a few restaurants in our new ‘hood.  We ate Thai on Friday at the cutest place called THEP, then enjoyed a lazy Saturday afternoon followed by Sangria and tapas at Boqueria.   If you find yourself in the Upper East Side, I would highly recommend both!

To round out the month of June and welcome July, I want to share a few of my recent favorites with you.  You know the drill- the numbers below the photo collage and the titles above each product description are all shoppable links.  I own and genuinely adore each of these items and hope you will too! 


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1| Capri Blue Volcano Candle

If you don’t know, now you know.  This candle, oh the love I have for this candle!  It’s Anthropologie’s signature scent- it smells like Summer and happiness and pretty much everything good in the world.  The site’s description hints at the magic that lives inside this beautiful jar- “tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens.”  That’s more like it.  It burns beautifully, comes in all kinds of jar sizes and design options, and the jar doesn’t get hot so I don’t have to worry about it leaving a mark on our wood coffee table.  Each time I open the door to our apartment, I’m greeted with a scent that makes me smile.

2 | Acure Clarifying Shampoo

Prior to adding this clarifying shampoo to my regular hair care routine, I was having an issue with excess oiliness.  Immediately after a fresh wash and styling, my hair was looking oily at the roots which is incredibly frustrating.  After two washes with this product, my problem was solved.  I was always afraid of clarifying shampoos because I thought my hair was too dry for them, but they are such an important component in a balanced hair care regimen.  Using this helped rid my scalp of excess product buildup, which is what was causing the oiliness.  Not to mention, it smells divine,  is super affordable, and it’s free of all the crap we should stay away from like parabens and sulfates.

3 | Young Living Rose Ointment

This is the product that opened my eyes, my heart, and my wallet to this fantastic brand.  The Rose Ointment is like a magic balm.  It is safe to use just about anywhere- cuts, scrapes, dry skin, lips, blemishes, feet, hands- you name it!  It has cleared up multiple problem areas on my face which I swear were the residual effects of a long, cold, and dry Winter.  If you are a Young Living member and haven’t tried this, add it to you ER order right away!  If you aren’t a member, no worries- you can purchase it at the wholesale price.  A Young Living blog post is in the works- I will explain what I have learned so far and how I incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils into my daily life.

4 | Aerie Raw Hem Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is light, cozy, and flattering with an oversized fit.  I have it in the light heather gray color in a size small.  If you like the oversized look, get your usual size but if you like a more fitted sweatshirt, I would suggest ordering one size down.  This is perfect for those chilly, breezy Summer nights and looks adorable with just about anything you pair it with.  It is currently 50% off and is fully stocked in six colors!

5 | Travel Steamer

Okay I’ll say it- I definitely saved the best for last in this post.  OMG it’s good you guys.  I purchased it from Amazon for the sole purpose of bringing it on vacation with us.  I had never used a steamer in my life- and I was skeptical that one this size (just shy of 8.5 inches) would actually do much.  So we put it to work on the some of toughest garments to tackle- Mark’s balled up button-downs obviously packed with meticulous care.  The look on both of our faces when it effortlessly transformed deep set wrinkles into a perfectly crisp, smooth shirt- I swear I could have outsold some of the best sales women on QVC.

It works like freaking magic and it could not be easier.  A few things to keep in mind, it is very hot (obviously) and steam rises- so be careful of hand placement.  Do not fill past the “max” line, and avoid tilting the steamer forward or some water might spill out.  We have found the best way to steam something is to put it on a hanger and place it on the closet or shower door so it’s not far from eye level.  Mark uses this every morning to steam his work shirts since they are hanging in a rather tightly packed closet 😉  And yes, this travel steamer totally deserved two paragraphs.


Well, that’s all for now folks.  Happy Summer- I hope its filled with adventure, grilled food, ice cream, smiles, laughter, bike rides, swimming, corn on the cob, and open sunroof drives.  Stay tuned for a blog post on Young Living Essential Oils and please let me know if you have any questions in the mean time!  

Cheers friends, xx


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