Making Lemonade

Happy Monday my friends!  I think it’s important to start each week on a positive note- so for this week’s post I am sharing how I made lemonade out of life’s lemons (and some photos of the precious Jersey Shore town, Ocean Grove)



As many of you know, I am approaching my final step of graduate school to become an occupational therapist.  Before I can sit for my board exam and get my license to practice, I have to complete six months of full time fieldwork.  FYI- fieldwork is just another word for a fellowship, rotation, clinical, or residency. My first choice (and many of my classmates) was to begin fieldwork back in June- immediately following the academic portion of school. Unfortunately, many of us were not secured placements for our preferred timeframe due to circumstances out of our (and our fieldwork coordinator’s) control, so fieldwork will start for us at the end of September.  Following the initial disappointment, I am thankful to have had time off this summer to relax and go on vacation.

I can’t deny though, these past few weeks have been encumbered with anxiety about my approaching start date and concerns that I am forgetting all that I’ve learned these past two years.


After a stressful couple of weeks, pep talks from my friends and family, and a completely reorganized bathroom and jewelry drawer (I organize when I am stressed), I thought about what I can and can’t change, then made the conscious decision to shift my perspective and enjoy the rest of my summer.  So this week, I drove back and forth to Ocean Grove, NJ to spend two gorgeous days on the beach, solo. It was so refreshing and just what I needed to get my groove back. The beach is my happy place- I listened to a few podcasts, read a book, swam in the ocean, and admired all that Ocean Grove, NJ has to offer.


What to check out on your next trip to Ocean Grove:

| Tent City |

These porch-clad, awning-adorned, canvas tents in the center of town are home to some lucky summer renters.  There’s a hefty waiting list to snag one of these precious pieces of real-estate.  Each one tells its own little story- make sure to check out the gorgeous window boxes, striped awnings, and pastel colored porch decor.

| Ocean Pathway |

Take a stroll down either side of this pair of parallel one-way streets to the beach.  Both are lined with gorgeous victorian homes, perfectly manicured lawns, and charming B&Bs.  

 | Burbelmaiers |

Stop here for a delicious lunch and a view of all the action.  They are known for their savory mini-pies.

| Nagel’s |

Treat yourself to an ice-cream cone and walk along the Main Avenue to get your shopping fix! 


Here are some of my photos of this sweet little town:

I hope you all have been able to enjoy your summer so far.  I would love to hear your best lemonade recipes to make good use of life’s lemons 😉 Here’s to a productive and positive week ahead. Cheers! xx

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