February Favorites

Hi beauties!  Talk about last minute but here is my (short and sweet) monthly favorites post.  February snuck away from me in the blink of an eye!  I am thrilled to enter the month of March as it is the final month of my last fieldwork rotation.  What are you looking forward to in March?


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1 | “The Power Jean” from Old Navy 

These jeans are incredibly affordable- on sale right now for $25!!  They are the perfect light wash, very comfortable, and have the most flattering cut- mid rise with an ankle length.  They do run a bit small as compared to my typical size (26 or size 4), however I don’t own too many pairs of Old Navy jeans so they may run true to size for the store.  I ordered a 2 petite because I wanted them to be a true ankle length, and they are perfect.

2 | Senegence Nangai Oil 

I have been using this oil for over month now and it’s safe to stay its an absolute staple in my daily beauty/skincare routine.  Nangai is a nut that is rich in triglycerides, indigenous to the island of Vanuatu.  This facial oil is SO hydrating, smells fantastic, and doesn’t clog my pores (I am prone to break outs and I haven’t had any issues with this).  I have seen it used for eczema and other related skin conditions and the before and after pictures are amazing.  I use this 2x daily- once in the morning mixed in with my foundation and once at night underneath my moisturizer after I wash my face.  It keeps my skin soft and hydrated all day.

3 | YSL Mon Paris Eau de Parfum 

I received a sample of this with a recent Nordstrom order and I am in love with the scent.  It smells sweet and feminine, with notes of red berries, pear, and white datura flower- I don’t want my sample to run out but when it does I may have to pick up a bottle.  Next time you’re at Sephora browsing the perfume section, pick this one up for a sniff.

4 | Chobani “Hint of Flavor” Greek Yogurt

This is a fairly new one for me but I am confident in recommending it to you if you like Greek yogurt!  The cherry flavor is my favorite but I also love the Mango- I haven’t had a chance to try the other 3 flavors which are blueberry, vanilla/cinnamon, and strawberry.  I have eaten it for breakfast on the go (the only way I know) every morning this week with a handful of granola.  It’s delicious, filling, and doesn’t taste too sweet or artificially flavored.

5 | Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

I typically only recommend products that I have tried or used for a full month (at minimum), but the effects of incorporating this into my daily routine have been made evident to me already.  It is collagen in powder form, which aids in healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints.  I add one scoop every morning to my cup of coffee and it is completely tasteless! Within my first 10 days of use, my nails have transformed.  I almost always have nail polish on but I have been keeping them bare to see the changes- they are stronger, the ridges appear to be filling in, and they are SO shiny.  It looks like I have a clear coat of nail polish on.  I am just starting to notice some subtle changes in my skin- smoother texture, more even skin tone, and fewer blemishes.  More on this soon- I plan on writing a blog post to review after more time using this product!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and the products I shared- I would love to hear if any of you have or use these 🙂 Cheers to the start of a new month and the start of Spring! xx

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