My Bestie’s Bachelorette Weekend

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share more about my weekend in Southampton, NY to celebrate my best friend Kim’s bachelorette party.  A weekend in the Hamptons was not part of our original itinerary, but Hurricane Irma had other plans.  We had everything booked for a trip to Charleston- a paddle boarding tour, flights, reservations, and a place to stay.  The day before our Thursday flight, we chose to cancel our trip and figure out plan B after hearing of South Carolina’s decision to declare a state of emergency.  Kim, in her true nature, had a full itinerary and new location for the bachelorette weekend by Wednesday evening.  Morgan, Kim’s best friend from college, was kind enough to welcome us into her family’s home in Southampton, NY.  Let the celebrations begin!




The Itinerary.


We got to the house in Southampton around 4 pm, unpacked, freshened up, then headed to dinner at an adorable restaurant in Hampton Bays called Cowfish.  It was fantastic! Reasonably priced, great cocktails, delicious food, and a gorgeous view of the water.  We were all starving so we split the guacamole and spinach artichoke dip, which were both great.  I had two mojitos and the scallops for dinner- there wasn’t a single crumb left on my plate.  For dessert we all split two iron skillet cookies- YUM.  After dinner, we headed home for some wine and a good night’s sleep because we had an exercise class scheduled for the morning!


 We started the morning with coffee, flagels and cream cheese, fresh squeezed orange juice, and fruit.  After breakfast we all got changed into exercise pants and the adorable matching tanks Morgan got for all of us.  We headed to SoulCycle for a good sweat and some fun!  It was my first time trying a SoulCycle class and I loved it- besides the fact that it’s a little pricey to do regularly ($40 price point for a single class).  The instructor was great, the music was so much fun, and the choreography wasn’t too intimidating.  There were a few moves I wasn’t able to master by the end of the class, but it was super challenging and really fun.  After class, we spent the rest of the day by the pool.  The bride got us all personalized adorable floppy sun hats from Etsy so of course we took a ton of photos!

After a beautiful day at the pool, we went to Jue Lan Club for a family style dinner.  Appetizers were vegetable spring rolls, chicken satay skewers, edamame dumplings, and vegetable lettuce wraps.  For entrees, we shared sweet & sour chicken, vegetable fried rice, garlic broccoli, chicken lo mein, and flat noodles.  Dessert was a piece of red velvet cake and Oreo cheesecake.  EVERYTHING was delicious.  The groom sent sparklers and two bottles of Moet to the table, which we happily sipped throughout dinner.

After dinner, we walked next door to the Southampton Social Club for more drinks and dancing- so much fun!  They have a beautiful patio with a warm fire place, standing tables, an outdoor bar, cabanas, and strung up lights.  We started out in a cabana then moved our way to the dance floor.  A bachelorette weekend would’t be complete without a night out!


On Saturday we were lucky enough to tour some local vineyards by limo.  The first one we went to was Paumanok Vineyards.  They had a menu of different tasting options so everyone was able to pick their own tasting based on what type of wines they like.  I did the festival tasting which included a Chardonnay, Rosé, red blend, and semi-dry Resiling.  My favorite was definitely the Rosé!  We split two charcuterie boards and admired the view of the vineyard.

Next stop was Laurel Lake Vineyards.  We sat outside at picnic tables, chat about puppies and memories from high school, and drank some more wine.  I split a bottle of the 2012 Merlot with another girl and it was really delicious!  Our wine tour was cut a bit short when we got to the final vineyard because they did not tell us when we called ahead of time that limos are not permitted to enter the vineyard.  We made the best of it, popped a bottle of champagne in the limo, and headed back to the house!

Saturday night was low key because we were all exhausted from the day.  We had a cheese plate on the patio then went to the beach to enjoy the view and snap some photos- I posted a silly one we took with a glitter popper and a selfie stick.  A lot of the glitter ended up in my mouth, which gave us all a good laugh.  We headed in for dinner and admired a gorgeous view of the sunset.  After dinner, we put a chick flick on and got a good night of sleep!


Our Last day 🙁 A few of us got up early to make a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise- something I always enjoy doing at the beach because the view is so stunning and unobstructed.  After a leisurly morning, we packed up our stuff in the car, gave a proper mimosa toast sendoff, and headed to Tate’s Bakeshop in Southampton to pick up some cookies on our way to brunch.  Our last destination for the bachelorette weekend was brunch at Wölffer Kitchen in Sag Harbor.  The town of Sag Harbor is just adorable- there are tons of cute shops and restaurants (and luxury cars) lining the main streets, and a beautiful marina.  Brunch was fantastic- two highlights for me were the eggs Benedict and grilled cheese.  After a delicious meal we headed back home, thankful as ever to have enjoyed such a beautiful weekend.


A huge thank you to Morgan for hosting us in your family’s beautiful home and to Kim for being the opposite of a bridezilla and planning the best weekend ever-twice! I am SO thankful to have had the opportunity to spend the weekend in the Hamptons with a fabulous group of girls celebrating the beautiful bride.  I hope everyone has a great week! xx

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Making Lemonade

Happy Monday my friends!  I think it’s important to start each week on a positive note- so for this week’s post I am sharing how I made lemonade out of life’s lemons (and some photos of the precious Jersey Shore town, Ocean Grove)



As many of you know, I am approaching my final step of graduate school to become an occupational therapist.  Before I can sit for my board exam and get my license to practice, I have to complete six months of full time fieldwork.  FYI- fieldwork is just another word for a fellowship, rotation, clinical, or residency. My first choice (and many of my classmates) was to begin fieldwork back in June- immediately following the academic portion of school. Unfortunately, many of us were not secured placements for our preferred timeframe due to circumstances out of our (and our fieldwork coordinator’s) control, so fieldwork will start for us at the end of September.  Following the initial disappointment, I am thankful to have had time off this summer to relax and go on vacation.

I can’t deny though, these past few weeks have been encumbered with anxiety about my approaching start date and concerns that I am forgetting all that I’ve learned these past two years.


After a stressful couple of weeks, pep talks from my friends and family, and a completely reorganized bathroom and jewelry drawer (I organize when I am stressed), I thought about what I can and can’t change, then made the conscious decision to shift my perspective and enjoy the rest of my summer.  So this week, I drove back and forth to Ocean Grove, NJ to spend two gorgeous days on the beach, solo. It was so refreshing and just what I needed to get my groove back. The beach is my happy place- I listened to a few podcasts, read a book, swam in the ocean, and admired all that Ocean Grove, NJ has to offer.


What to check out on your next trip to Ocean Grove:

| Tent City |

These porch-clad, awning-adorned, canvas tents in the center of town are home to some lucky summer renters.  There’s a hefty waiting list to snag one of these precious pieces of real-estate.  Each one tells its own little story- make sure to check out the gorgeous window boxes, striped awnings, and pastel colored porch decor.

| Ocean Pathway |

Take a stroll down either side of this pair of parallel one-way streets to the beach.  Both are lined with gorgeous victorian homes, perfectly manicured lawns, and charming B&Bs.  

 | Burbelmaiers |

Stop here for a delicious lunch and a view of all the action.  They are known for their savory mini-pies.

| Nagel’s |

Treat yourself to an ice-cream cone and walk along the Main Avenue to get your shopping fix! 


Here are some of my photos of this sweet little town:

I hope you all have been able to enjoy your summer so far.  I would love to hear your best lemonade recipes to make good use of life’s lemons 😉 Here’s to a productive and positive week ahead. Cheers! xx

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