Bâtard Tribeca: Restaurant Review

Happy Monday blog readers!  

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!  Mark and I took the opportunity to do a whole lot of nothing- just what we both needed 😉  The weekend prior, we spent the night in Manhattan for dinner and a show.  We both LOVE to eat and one of the things we often do together is go out for dinner.  This dinner was special for both of us as it was our first dining experience at a Michelin Star restaurant.  

For those who may not know what a Michelin Star is, they are a distinction of honor awarded to restaurants with exceptional quality food by the Michelin Guides.  Restaurants can be awarded up to 3 stars, representing the highest quality cooking.  Restaurants can also lose their stars.  I didn’t know about this honor until I started watching the Emmy-nominated Netflix docuseries, Chef’s Table– which by the way I HIGHLY recommend.  It is so so so well done.  Mark and I would love to be able to go to every Michelin star restaurant in NYC- there are currently 72.  So, in honor of our first meal at a Michelin Star restaurant, here are my impressions of Bâtard Tribeca:


| Location |

Located on West Broadway- which is perpendicular to the most precious side street in Tribeca, White Street- you get a sense for the cool Tribeca vibe.  It’s lined with sweet boutiques, coffee shops, and now-residential historic industrial buildings.

| Atmosphere |

Dimly lit and romantic with minimalist decor- it’s the perfect date night spot.  Although, it would be more than appropriate for dinner with a group of friends or a girl’s night.  Unlike many other fine dining restaurants, Bâtard is a bit more casual- you won’t see the typical white table cloths.  Instead, dark table tops and chairs allow the impeccably plated dishes to take center stage.  The walls are adorned with subtle sculpted tree branch patterns in a soft beige, drawing your attention up.  Two crystal chandeliers add some bling and soft light to the space.  Although Mark and I did not experience this, other reviewers have commented on the heightened noise level during peak times.  AKA, diners at Bâtard like to drink wine and have a good time.  No complaints there!

| Beverages |

The cocktails are on par with standard NYC prices and they are so worth it-  I got the Bramble, which has gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and crème de mûre- a blackberry liqueur.  It was refreshing and delicious- served in a unique glass with a copper straw and garnished with a blackberry.  The copper straw was ice cold and made the drink that much more refreshing. Mark ordered the Sazerac, which has bache-gabrielsen cognac, st. george absinthe, peychaud bitters.  He enjoyed it!  We ordered a delicious bottle of red Burgundy to go with dinner- if you have any wine-pairing questions or need a recommendation, the Sommelier is a great resource.

| Food |

The price-fixed menu changes periodically, so check in frequently.  You have the option to order 2 courses for $59, 3 for $79, or 4 for $89.

Leah’s choices:

Madai Crudo, Garganelli, Niman Ranch Dry-Aged Strip Loin, and assorted sorbets for dessert.  Madai is a fish imported from the Pacific, typically Japan.  It has a nice texture and mild, sweet flavor.  It was served raw in a vinaigrette/broth with cucumber, chile, and citrus.  This ended up being my favorite dish of the night.  The Garganelli pasta was the perfect al dente- it was topped with lamb shank ragu and cubed butternut squash.  For salt and crunch, sprinkled on top were almonds crisp lamb bacon.  Although I ordered it, I think this was Mark’s favorite dish of the night.  I ordered my steak cooked medium and it was perfect- a pink center and crispy, perfectly charred crust.  It was juicy and packed with flavor, and paired perfectly with the sweet potato puree, bone barrow, and small serving of kale.  I practically licked my plate clean.  The sorbets were creamy and delicious, without being too filling.  They were sprinkled with what I believe to be cocao nibs.

Mark’s choices:

Octopus “Pastrami”, Seared Foie Gras, Duck Breast, and the Valrhona Chocolate for dessert.  The Octopus pastrami is quite an interesting concept- it’s essentially a “loaf” of naturally congealed octopus with pastrami spices.  The ham hock gave it a hint of salt, and the new potatoes and pommery mustard (whole grain) paired perfectly with the dish.  I was being brave to try this one since I am not a huge fan of Octopus, let alone octopus loaf, but to my surprise- I loved it.  I only had a very small taste of the foie since I am not a big fan at all.  However, it was pretty darn delicious.  Still not something I would order myself at a restaurant but Mark loves it and he couldn’t say enough about how delicious it was here.  I can’t comment on the Duck Breast since I did not try it but the dessert was fantastic!  It was the perfect balance of smooth, crunchy, creamy, hot, and cold.   Who doesn’t love chocolate?

| Service |

The service was excellent.  Our waiter was attentive but not overbearing.  While there, we saw both the head chef and the restaurant owner.  The wait staff were knowledgeable and friendly, offering more bread on multiple occasions (its hard to say no- trust me).  First courses were served quickly but each remaining course was spread out and strategically timed.

| Things to mention |

Reservations accepted.  Jeans are acceptable.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and consider dining at Bâtard next time you are in Manhattan.  What are your favorite restaurants?  I hope you all have a beautiful week! xx





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Do For You

G O O D   M O R N I N G  &  h a p p y   m o n d a y

This week’s post is covering the importance of doing for you.  So often, our actions are dictated by a deadline, a job, a role- parent, partner, student, employee, etc.  But it is so important to take time to do the things you enjoy.  It’s like a little reset button each time we do something to take care of ourselves- we have more energy and patience to take on the tasks and roles that serve those around us.


So, in the spirit of “do for you,” my mom and I took advantage of my day off last week and had ourselves a nice girls day.  I was off from work because NJ schools were closed for the NJEA convention, and my mom took a half day.  I met her at work so she could show me the beautiful Lawrenceville School campus, then we drove to Princeton for a delicious lunch at Mistral. Everything about our experience at this restaurant was perfect.  We sat in the main dining area, in which the main focal point is a bar with stools that sits directly open to the kitchen.  We sat at a cozy table near the window for a view of the whole restaurant.  The waitstaff was exceptional and attentive without being overbearing, and provided us with some great recommendations.

The lunch menu is a mix of unique small shareable plates and main course items.  Mistral sources their ingredients from local farms, bakeries, and butchers.  They have an impressive list of craft cocktails, wines, and spirits.  We started our lunch with a cocktail: I got the Element and my mom got the The Vuvuzela- both delicious, unique, and refreshing.  We shared the Burrata small plate as an appetizer- the cheese was perfectly creamy, topped with chives and red pepper flakes, over a bed of arugula and peperonata.  Served on the side was a roasted black-garlic crostini topped with fresh grated parmesan.  It was delicious and the perfect size to share!

For entrees, I ordered the chicken casesar salad and my mom had the smoked tuna melt.  Both were to die for.  The tuna was perfectly smoky, pairing well with the cheddar, apple, and walnut flavors.  The caesar dressing with cured egg yolk was creamy and salty- just the way it’s supposed to be.  The chicken on my salad was grilled to perfection.  We drank wine with our lunch entrees then moved on to dessert.  We ordered the Frozen Bee Hive which was not only delicious, but a true work of art.  A thick layer cookie crust topped with frozen honey, lavender, and lemon curd (consistency of ice-cream).  This was held together with a toasted marshmallow in the shape of a beehive- so cute!

Espresso beverages went well with dessert and we moved on to shopping! There was a farmer’s market right next door that was wrapping up so we checked out a few tents and walked around the adorable streets of Princeton.  It was so nice to spend the day with my mom doing the things we both love.  I would love to hear what you guys do when you “do for you.”    I hope you all have a beautiful week and that you make time to do something nice for yourself.  xx


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Outstanding in the Field

Good morning and happy Monday! Quick update- I survived my first week of fieldwork and I love my supervisors, the setting, and the kiddos I work with!  I am so grateful for the path that led me to OT- waking up every morning at 5:30 isn’t so bad when you’re doing what you love 🙂

For this week’s post, I want to share more about my wonderful experience at an Outstanding in the Field event at Plowshare Farms in Pipersville, PA.  They travel to different farms across the country (and France) and bring in local renowned chefs from the area to prepare a family style meal using the farm’s fresh ingredients and other local goodies.  I encourage you to check out the hyperlink to their website to learn more about what they do!  Attending one of these events has been on my mom’s bucket list for quite some time, and I am so thankful to have shared the experience with her.  We decided to make it an annual mother-daughter date since we had so much fun!  We started our day with cocktails on the outdoor patio bar at Buttonwood Grill in Peddlers Village– I got a cantaloupe martini and she got a cucumber martini.  Both were so delicious and refreshing on the hot day that it was!  From there we headed to Plowshare Farms.

Upon arrival, we signed in and dropped off our plates.  Although not mandatory, guests are encouraged to bring their own plates- another fun aspect of this event.  If you don’t want to bring your own or forget, they have ones for you to use!  The event began with a welcome/cocktail hour where the wait staff passed around hors d’oeuvres and guests sipped a on local sparkling rosé wine, cider, or water- all included with the price of your ticket.  We snapped some photos, admired the table set up beautifully with white linens, checked out the vintage bus the team uses to tour the country, and met some wonderful people to chat with for the rest of the night.  Cocktail hour was followed by a few welcoming words from the event founder and the farmers, then we split up into two groups for a tour of the farm.

After the tour, everyone sat down at the table for a delicious meal.  Each course was paired with a local wine.  One of the things that makes this event so special is how friendly everyone is- the dinner is served family style so you end up chatting with your neighbors while passing plates.  There was something so refreshing about this social exchange with strangers- it was such an intimate setting in a field; with a view of the setting sun, the pasture, tall grass, and endless fields of green.  After a few glasses of wine and good conversation, neighbors on either side of the table quickly became friends.   Dinner was followed by local coffee and chocolates, and a few parting words from the founder, Jim Denevan, and his team.  By the end of the night, the only source of light was from the candles on the table, the moon, and the stars- it was truly magical.  I included some photos below to give you a better idea of how special our night was.  I highly recommend attending one of these events.  Sign up for their email list to be notified when tickets go on sale- they go fast!

Happy October! I hope you all have a beautiful week! xx

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