Secrets to Happiness

Hi guys!  It’s Monday again- day one of the work week and we’re already counting down the days until the weekend.  I am guilty of succumbing to the occasional case of the Monday blues- who isn’t?    However, I like the idea of beginning each week with something fresh and positive to set the tone for the week ahead.  This is one of the reasons I chose to update the blog with a weekly post, every Monday.  Those of you who know me might better understand the meaning behind the name of my blog, Through Rose-Colored Glasses.  I see the best in people, view the glass half full, and tend to have a positive perspective on life in general.  I’m here today to share some of my own tips for maintaining a rose-tinted perspective, even during tougher times.


| Practice gratitude |

This is a biggie.  In my opinion, the happiest people are those who are genuinely grateful.  Take time every day to remind yourself of the things that are going well.  The big things and the seemingly insignificant things- they all matter.  Did you have a delicious cup of coffee this morning?  That’s a reason to take a moment to be thankful.  It’s easy to get caught up in the daily noise of life, but this shift in attitude can make a world of difference for your mood.  If you can’t think of anything to be thankful for in the present moment, put on a song that brings you back to a fun moment in your life or take a look at some photos from a fabulous vacation with your girlfriends- I find that I am most thankful reflecting on nostalgic moments.  Everyone in my life knows how much I love to take pictures- I treasure their way of reminding me how good I have it.

| A clutter-free space= a clutter-free mind |

I truly believe this.  When your environment is cluttered and disorganized, so is your mind.  When I am stressed, I organize.  My friends and family know this- during the week leading up to the start of a new school year, my Mom used to find me knee deep in the contents of my closet because naturally, it was time to reorganize.  It’s an adaptive way to deal with stress, although I understand not everyone is as crazy as me 🙂 My advice is to focus on one small space at a time to tackle (i.e. kitchen junk drawer)- toss what needs to be tossed, donate the items with a little life still left in them, and find a home for the items you choose to keep.  During this process, keep in mind that stuff doesn’t make you happy- experiences and fulfilling relationships do. I plan to do an organization series as this is a passion of mine so stay tuned for more tips!

| Make time for you |

Everyone needs a break to focus on you and only you.  This one doesn’t need much explaining but everyone needs a reminder to be selfish once in a while- especially those of you who fulfill the caretaker role.  Some of my go-to’s: Go for a walk, sip on a cappuccino at a cute coffee shop, get a mani-pedi when it’s in the budget, take a bubble bath, or arrange some fresh flowers in a pretty vase for my bedroom.  Identify what helps you unwind and indulge a little!

| Reflect and prioritize |

Mental chatter- that persistent and perpetual stream of consciousness reminding you of the things you need to get done, the friends you forgot to call back, the appointments you have to make. It keeps you up at night and adds stress to your busy day.  First-listen.  Then- write. it. down. I am a to-do list connoisseur and if you’re not already, I hope to convert you.  As a visual learner, writing things down helps my brain make sense of all that chatter, and helps me prioritize each task.  Nothing is more satisfying than checking each item off your list.  To-do lists got me through the didactic portion of grad school, developed my time-management skills, and contribute to my happiness, one check at a time.

| Surround yourself with love |

Spend time with the people the support you, cheer you on, and lift your spirits.  A strong support system is so important.  Reflect on how the people in your life make you feel- appreciate those who love and support you and reevaluate relationships with people who bring you down.


I’m so thankful for those of you who the take time to read my posts- your support means the world! Here are some photos of the things, places, and people in my life that make me happy.

A delicious cappuccino | Scout’s Coffee Bar + Mercantile

Fresh cut flowers | Even better- hydrangeas

A Jersey Shore sunrise | Cape May, NJ

The Orchid House | Duke Farms

Mark | My boyfriend and best friend

More flowers | Mark’s Mom’s garden

Black raspberry ice cream | Moo Hope Ice Cream 

The change of seasons | Leonard J. Buck Garden

Iced coffee with a view | The Stone Bean


I would love to hear from you- what are your favorite things to do to unwind?  Happy Monday and cheers to a great week ahead! xx

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